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     Welcome to Beyond Ascension

    This website is created by researchers & investigators like you wanting to find out the truth about what exists beyond ascension. This includes what happens after Earth, Aliens & The Other Worldly, The Afterlife, Spirits & Ghosts, UFO Phenomenon, The Supernatural, Fringe Science and The Paranormal.
    We also like to have a little fun with gaming, Space Sims like Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and Eve Online provide a good outlet for that Explorer of The Cosmos in us. Not to mention, life can't always be serious but a serious researcher needs the proper tools to sharpen the senses!
    Join our network, it has all the tools you need. Create interactive pages & groups, events and upload your favorite videos, audio & photos. Share files with ease in our premier network with messaging and chat. Start your profile and begin sharing and creating beautiful pages and content.
    We are Serious about our Investigations & Research, we will always check the leads and data. We want your input to aid us in finding out what lies beyond.....
    What is the next stage for our civilization if we continue on our current path?
    What happens after our body dies, where do we go?
    Is there a "Bad Place" and a "Heaven"?
    Will we witness what's beyond ascension for humanity, is our future in the heavens?
    Will we colonize other planets and solar systems in our galaxy and others?
    Are there such things as Aliens or Angelic Beings and if so, where do they exist?
    Were we created and was The Earth terraformed by an extra - terrestrial civilization?
    We will attempt to answer these questions and more. These have always been the ultimate questions that reside at the very core of our being: Where did we come from and where will we be going? What is beyond ascension, after the epoch of humanity, will we return to the stars?
    Fallen angels
  • Doing The Research - Deniability and Disclosure

    Are we any closer to the truth?

    Technology is exploding, N.A.S.A is both very busy and very quiet, "They" want to terraform Mars to create a colony there because the world as we know it appears to be coming to an end. The prophecies of just about every culture on Earth seem to be coming to fruition. Elon Musk launched a Tesla into space, so what's going on?

    The "Powers that Be" have been very busy in doing their very best to keep the masses dumbed down, ignorant and if all possible, completely oblivious. Meanwhile, our sun is going into a deep solar minimum and there is a very high gravity stellar body lurking out there that is greatly influencing our solar system in some very concerning ways. Pole shift, large quakes (which are already happening in diverse places), volcanoes and weird weather phenomenon are already or becoming realities.

    Worldwide, peoples of all cultures, walks of life and religious backgrounds have been witnessing unexplained phenomenon in our skies as well as on the ground. Unexplained weather anomolies like cities in the sky and UFO's have been reported. Strange sounds likened to Trumpets, emanating from the skies have been heard in every country spanning the globe.

    Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore Beyond Ascension in our research community, ranging from the other worldly to the highly spiritual. Strap yourselves in because we have it on good authority that we are in for quite a ride!

    Our Research Network boast all the tools you need, along with file sharing, audio, video upload & encoding( FfMpeg), calendar, task manager, groups, pages and in our opinion, a better than Facebook feel.

    We're looking forward to seeing you, bring your research and an open mind. Afteral, The Space Aliens haven't landed yet.....or have they? Beyond Ascension is dedicated to the hard working researcher, looking for The Truth. was created by experenced researchers and paranormal investigators, unveiling the truth that endures beyond human perception and understanding.